The particular O Set in order to Revolutionise the Warmed Hair Roller World?

curls in 10 minutes is usually a hair styling system, it’s based on heated curly hair curlers. Heated locks curlers have already been around for years considering that the 1960’s after they really took associated with for creating big hair with quantity and curves. These big volume hair styles experienced a new re-emergence within the last five years and the trend world has appreciated big hair and its become the 1 of the most liked celebrity hair designs.

So Where Does Typically the O easily fit into?
The particular O not Theo is a fresh invention for hair styling which does aside with some of the aged age problems of using heated hair rollers. Many of these drawbacks included the warmth up moment of the rollers, sometimes up to twenty minutes. The challenging way to make use of heated hair rollers, many people only applied rollers for unique occasions because of the moment of “setting” the head of hair frequently burned their very own hands by every roller, often getting a friend to place the rollers throughout.

Hair rollers where applied in the 19 50s literally by heating system up old jar cans (clean regarding course) and using them to typically the hair to make large curls with quantity the bigger the particular can the greater the curl.

Typically the O is a small pod game in shape by using heat induction technologies. This means every single hair roller is usually cool to feel and handle. Hence doing away using well-known problem involving hair rollers that are usually difficult to apply at the hair plus use and zero burnt fingers.

Typically the O takes this specific a step further more the actual filling with the pod wherever each curler is dropped in is usually also cool to be able to touch making this and extremely safe way to use warmed rollers.

Heat Up Time
Another advantage with the curling system is usually heat time just as mentioned previously heated up hair rollers took a long time period to heat up and even the older the machine this took actually longer. The O heats up every single roller in simply four seconds, inside the past heated up roller kits acquired many size tresses curlers in a single unit. The U works by each size curler is definitely dropped inside warms in four mere seconds to 130 certifications and is utilized to the hair. While the user is applicable one they are usually heated the after that and so about.

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